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17 of the Best Single Player Xbox One Games

Nobody can steal your kill if you’re playing alone

13. Quantum Break (2016)

Developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft, Quantum Break is a third-person action-adventure full of all the fun stuff that comes with being set in a high-sci-fi setting, like time manipulation!

The game centres around protagonist Jack Joyce who is granted time manipulation powers, thanks to a shoddy time machine accident. As Joyce, you’re up against a variety of intimidating enemies where you can enjoy turning time into a more potent weapon. Incorporating platforming elements, as well as live-action scenes that adapted to the choices you make throughout the game make for an interesting story with pretty good replay value.

Think of all the amazing things you could do with time powers, like filling an enemy with a couple hundred bullets in the blink of an eye. Maybe we could develop some time manipulation powers to get a sequel to Quantum Break.

12. Agony (2018)

Developer Madmind Studios truly is mad with their upcoming survival horror game Agony.
Starting out in the depths of Hell as a poor, tormented soul, players will sneak around demons and solve puzzles that feel like they were made by Satan himself. At the beginning, you’re a lowly soul who recently found themselves in the land of fire and brimstone, but lucky for you being a tormented soul has some advantages.

In the game, players will receive the ability to possess another lesser, and eventually higher level demons, and navigate to the mystical Red Goddess.

Originally planned for release in 2017, players waited in anticipation for this new spin on survival-horror, but the release was pushed back and out of 2017. Lucky for us, Agony now has an official release date of March 30, 2018, and soon we’ll be taking control of various demons and slogging it through Hell on the Xbox One in what looks to be a promising single-player experience.

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