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17 of the Best Single Player Xbox One Games

Nobody can steal your kill if you’re playing alone

5. Skyrim: Special Edition (2016)

When Skyrim was released for the Xbox 360 it was an instant hit, so when it landed on the Xbox One as an enhanced Special Edition bringing with it the ability to use community-created mods, the reception of the 2016 special edition of Skyrim was overall positive.

Returning to the rich world of Tamriel, you’ve found yourself destined for death on the executioner’s block in the Nordic homeland of Skyrim. While the RPG elements are super-solid providing an engaging character creation and advancement system, one of the most amazing parts of Skyrim is the sprawling open-world.

Filled with interesting characters, plenty of side-quests for the procrastinating Dragonborn to go on, and random encounters, the land is a living place made for you to explore every nook and cranny.

With player-made mods only adding to the already improved experience, with just a few select mods you could create your personal best version of Skyrim, and with passionately-created quest mods like the Forgotten City, you’ll be spending even more of your time in Tamriel.

4. Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

Developed by Obsidian and published by Bethesda in 2010, the fourth major instalment of the retro sci-fi RPG series Fallout, Fallout: New Vegas begins with a bullet in your head.

As a courier in the ruthless Mojave Wasteland, you find yourself in possession of a special poker chip that initially costs you your life in the introduction. Once you get back on your feet and dust your shoulders off from the usually fatal interaction a bullet has with one’s head, you’re off to explore the sun-scorched desert around New Vegas (formerly Las Vegas before all the nukes and what-not).

New Vegas stands in high regard among single-player RPG fans, and not just for the vast and varied amount of weapons and armour to choose from. From the setting to the story and the amazing DLC content added-on, Obsidian gave players one of the most memorable gaming experience in the current decade.

While it is certainly important to fulfil your role as either the harbinger of the slave-trading and radical Legion or as a protector to the civil government operated NCR or turning on both sides to guide the Mojave as you see fit, you’ll find yourself constantly side-tracked by numerous interesting side-quests.

Imbuing their characters with colourful personalities, and telling a story that has stuck with us for the past eight years, with DLC content such as Lonesome Road and Old World Blues setting the example for what additional content should aspire to be. Despite having no re-mastered version the game is backwards-compatible on the Xbox One, and Fallout: New Vegas remains a much beloved single-player experience worthy of recognition and a spot in our favourites for a long time to come.

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