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The 21 Best PS3 Games

The games every PlayStation 3 owner needs to play

Sony’s PlayStation 3 suffered a hard start to life, with an extremely high price tag and lack of critically acclaimed launch titles putting consumers off its third attempt at a home console. Of course it didn’t help that the well-received Xbox 360 made it to retailers the year before, kick-starting the online revolution with the slick Xbox Live.  Yet the PS3 made it through its poor start, eventually selling just shy of 84 million consoles, making it one of the best-selling systems of all time. Whilst this has a lot to do with decreasing prices and its multiple slimmer and more attractive later models, one of the biggest reasons for gamers to pick up the console was because of the brilliant titles that it laid host to, many of them being exclusives.

With the PlayStation 3 recently turning 10 years old, here at GameAddik we’ve picked out the 21 best games on the console. Not all of them will be exclusive to the system and we’re not discounting remasters, but we have only chosen one game per franchise (sorry Naughty Dog). With the PlayStation 4 in full flow, the PlayStation 3 and its games have never been cheaper, so now’s a good a time as any to pick up some of these great titles.

21. Dishonored

Dishonoured takes stealth to a whole new level, allowing for a seemingly infinite number of ways to assassinate enemies. With so much opportunity for creativity, players can focus less on its relatively poor narrative, and more on its well-designed missions. As Corvo, you have several abilities and powers which you can upgrade as you progress, allowing for more powerful and interesting assassinations. Because of this, the game has great replayability, as you can always return and take a different path of progression second time around. It’s unique and, most importantly, a lot of fun.

20. God of War 3

In arguably the best game in the series, Kratos stepped up to the PlayStation 3 in his typical deity-destroying style. Usual service resumes, as players hack and slash their way through hordes of demons, works their way through puzzles, and upgrade their mythological weaponry, all with the aim of defeating the most iconic of Greek Gods. The blood and gore for which the series is so well known never looked better though, and the tight controls allow for some of the fastest gameplay available. God of War 3 takes on Gods, and wins.

19. Assassin’s Creed 2

A new Assassin’s Creed release recently changed from an annual event to a biannual one; after nearly a decade of titles, the series had become stale and irrelevant. Yet at its peak, it told a unique story intertwined with ground-breaking combat mechanics. In Assassin’s Creed 2, Ezio was first introduced as our playable assassin, through whom players could visit some of the most iconic and memorable Italian monuments. It was so well-received that it spawned several sequels, before the scene was changed again to North America. This was Ubisoft at its very best.

18. Heavy Rain

A PlayStation exclusive, Heavy Rain put a unique spin on the genre action-adventure, by giving players complete control over characters’ every movements, the decisions they make, and the outcome of their stories. You take up the roles of four characters, each with a different angle on an investigation into missing children. Inspired by film noir, the game is as captivating as it is bleak, with twists and turns that will keep you guessing who the perpetrator of the crimes is. This is story-driven gaming at its best.

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