3 MMO Games with Great Online Communities

By in large, MMO gamers can be cold and cruel, especially to people who are still getting familiar with the game’s mechanics. Sometimes, a great game will be rendered unplayable simply because the community is too aggressive, exclusive and cliquey.

The games you are about to see are not these games. These games have huge player-bases that are extremely accommodating as long as you are not totally obnoxious.



Arborea, the mythical land where Tera is set, is as complex as it is visually stunning. It’s very easy to suddenly feel adrift if you are just starting the game. Luckily, Arboreans are more than happy to help. No matter what your issues is, the solution is usually only a post on the Tera subreddit or the official Tera forums away.




Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars

We probably don’t need to tell you this but there are few things with a more rabid fan base than Star Wars. Seriously, who doesn’t love Star Wars? Because Star Wars: The Old Republic is apart of the Star Wars canon, every inch of the universe has been scoured by fans and contextualized.

If SWTOR subreddit and the official Old Republic community doesn’t have the answers you are looking for, there’s a good chance you might stumble upon the answer on the expansive Star Wars wiki Wookiepedia.


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Just because SMITE is a multiplayer online battle area game doesn’t mean the players can’t all get along. Truth be told, what SMITE has done better than any other game on this list is incentivize users to join the online community. Players can unlock special characters simply by liking their Facebook page, subscribing to their YouTube channel, following them on Twitter and following them on Instagram. Referring a friend to play SMITE even allows the referrer to reap all kinds of special rewards for their profile.

The best part? Referral bonuses are not just a one-time thing. You continue to earn bonuses as the friend you referred levels up. All of this helps SMITE players civil towards each other…at least up until the battle begins.



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