4 Games Couples Should Play Together to Improve Their Relationship

Sometimes a love for gaming can get in the way of a relationship. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to gaming getting in the way of your relationship: game together!

I know, it’s unorthodox, but hear me out. Rather than resenting your partner for monopolizing your precious free time you would usually spend vanquishing foes and growing an empire, you can game together and build communication and teamwork while participating in a fun activity. Couples need activities and they most definitely need strong communication and teamwork if it’s ever going to last.

“shooting your partner in the head over and over again is going to be counterproductive”

However, you can’t just play any game. For example, shooting your partner in the head over and over again in Counter-Strike is going to be counterproductive to your relationship. These games, on the other hand, might just make your relationship stronger if you play them together.

Tribal Wars 2


The sequel to the iconic online game Tribal Wars puts players in the position of ruling over a castle in a war-torn medieval realm filled with knights and barbarians. Your kingdom is constantly at risk of an attack, even when you’re logged out. The key to survival is forging alliances with the power of diplomacy. Who better to form an alliance with than your significant other?

Combining your kingdoms’ resources and strategy to wipe out the competition can only mean your bond will flourish. That is…until one of you decides to backstab the other…


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The world of Arborea is simply breathtaking. The lush visuals alone will make campaigning together feel like a romantic, fantasy get-away just for the two of you…except with monsters. Lots and lots of monsters. Tera’s action-oriented combat where players must aim individual skills and attacks as well as dodge enemies as well as the unique race attribute bonuses makes pairing a huge advantage in game. That is, if you can communicate properly and function as a team. If you can, your relationship will be stronger because of it.

And who knows? Your love life might improve thanks to the taboo love between Castanic and High Elf roleplay you two can now engage in.






Like Tribal Wars 2, success in Siegelord hinges on your ability to forge alliances as the faction borders between the three-way faction war are constantly being conquered and reclaimed. If you go at it alone, this can mean some serious headaches. However, if you collude and conspire how to conquer your enemies as a couple, your chance at survival vastly improves.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars

Maybe we’re just too into Star Wars, but if your partner doesn’t want to go on an adventure in a galaxy far, far away, are they really worth dating?

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