4 MMO Worlds You’d Rather Live In

It’s no secret that the world we live in has its fair share of problems. Sometimes, we can’t help but think that we would rather escape to another universe altogether. If we could, we would probably choose these MMO Worlds over our own.

The games you are about to see are not these games. These games have huge player-bases that are extremely accommodating as long as you are not totally obnoxious.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars

Live in the Star Wars universe? No-brainer. Yes. 100%. Even though the galaxy is divided by the war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, a universe full of blasters, hyperdrive-powered starships, colourful alien races and the Force would be the best. Obviously, it would be a little upsetting to get your midichlorians counted and find out you don’t have enough to be a Jedi Knight…but that’s no big deal.

Living the life of a smuggler, a la Han Solo, is a fair consolation prize.


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Though the world of Elvenar features some light Elf-vs-Human combat, for the most part, this MMO city builder inhabits a peaceful world. The game’s emphasis is on the happiness of the player’s town rather than how much can you destroy. With that in mind, we’d be happy to live as either a human or an elf as the Culture system and all the beautiful buildings players can create in this clean, bright real-time city builder game would make life so footloose and fancy-free.






In Tera, the world of Arborea has its fair share of problems. The races that make up the Falkyon Federation are all highly suspicious of each other’s motives. The Argon invasion is no fun, which you already know if you’ve gone into battle against one. But regardless of that strife, Arborea is simply one of the most beautiful worlds we’ve ever seen. And not just in MMORPGs. We’re comparing it to fantasy worlds in all video games, movies, TV and books.

There’s really nothing quite like it. If you haven’t yet toured the visual masterpiece that is Tera’s world, you’ve got to try it now.




Legend Knight

Legend Knight

Sorry if this is a bit crass but there is one simple reason why we would love to live in MMORPG Legend Knight’s world. No, it’s not because we yearn to be a mythical hero charged with stopping the forces of evil from destroying it the world. It’s because every woman in the game is a scantily clad, busty badass.

If that doesn’t scream paradise to you, well, we have very different ideas about what paradise is.


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