5 Annoying Video Game Cliches That Need To Stop Now

Just stop it. For real.

For all the good video games are doing these days, some still fall prey to annoying video game cliches. For the sake of our sanity, we need these 5 video game cliches to stop now.

1. Lethal water

Water cant kill you in a game

Unless the game is about purifying the land’s highly toxic water supply, there’s no reason why getting our feet wet should kill our characters. Especially if we survived a barrage of bullets before jumping in.

2. Where’s all my stuff?

Game Character Loses Entire Inventory

Usually at the climax of a video game, the protagonist will be captured and stripped of all the fancy equipment and upgrades players have spent hours accumulating so that the final boss battle will be extra tough. The first time it happened, it was tense and exciting. Now it’s been beaten to death and it’s just a headache to see the rewards of all our hard work get flushed down the drain right at the climax.

3. Amnesia

Game Character with Amnesia

Who am I? and where did I park my car?We understand that introducing players to a blank slate of a protagonist allows developers to imprint whatever personality they see fit as the game’s events unfold, but there’s got to be another way! We are tired of controlling characters with a history of head trauma. Be confident in the characters you are creating, video game writers. Don’t rely on amnesia to make us care.

4. Betrayal

Lance Vance the Betrayer

We have grown weary of NPCs eager to join our party or help our cause in video games. We all know that the writers, by including a confidant of a certain calibre, are grooming us for the mind-blowing twist that we never should have trusted the guy we knew not to but had no choice but to trust all along! Whether motivated by greed, anger, etc., we all saw it coming a mile away so cut it out.

5. Damsel in Distress

How on Earth, in 2017 aka the future, are we still playing games based on saving a damsel in distress? It’s a narrative direction which speaks to the most archaic part of the gaming demographic, that simpleminded little boy inside most men who wants to carry Princess Peach off over his shoulder. But the gaming landscape has changed, target markets have changed, and that kind of outdated, predictable storytelling just doesn’t capture our attention like it did in Mario’s golden age.

Sometimes the damsel in distress can be pulled off, but so help us God if we invested 40 hours into beating a game that culminates with an escort mission, do we not have the right to ask for our money back?

What are video game cliches that drive you crazy? Let us know in the comments.

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