5 Games That Will Make You Want to Break-Up with Your Girlfriend

Having a girlfriend is great, except when they get in the way of your valuable gaming time. If you can relate, then beware of these games because they could very well make you choose gaming over girlfriend.

Forge of Empires


In Innogames’ strategy MMO Forge of Empires, players must take a small, Stone Age village and transform it into a mighty, modern Empire. While this free-to-play game focuses on the in-depth single player campaign rather than PvP, making your mark in history and dominating the playing field is a massive time investment. A massive time investment not unlike the one you need to make to have a successful relationship.

Forge of Empires is basically like having another relationship; only this one can be spread out on Facebook, iOS, Android and any internet browser. Two-timing on your girlfriend to grow a civilization isn’t cool, so you should probably break-up for the sake of becoming history’s greatest leader.


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Dark Era


Demons have launched an all out assault on time and space in Dark Era and it’s up to you, the Chrono Guardian, to make sure these monsters do not destroy civilization as we know it. As if jumping from time period to time period to rid them of demons wasn’t a good enough reason to flake on your girlfriend, Dark Era also features a slew of side-quests and mini-games that you will need to be single for if you want any chance of completing them.





Do you dare enter Eremos, home of the portal to the underworld known as the Felspire? Monsters have overrun the world and its up to you to exterminate these pests either as an Archer, a Mage or a Warrior. While Felspire’s grind-free, automated-gameplay might make you think that you can divide your time between the game and your girlfriend, trust us when we say that you can’t.

The massive amount of collectibles ranging from pets, wings, mounts and equipment to make your character stand out will have a hold on you like no girlfriend ever has before.





Elvenar is a casual fantasy MMORTS game with RPG elements. So why will it make you want to breakup with your girlfriend? Simple: double-duty. One of the best things about Elvenar is upgrading buildings to maximize their beauty. Upgrading your buildings is addictive and it won’t be long before you have two campaigns–a human campaign and an elven campaign–running simultaneously. “Sorry babe. It’s not you, it’s me and the buildings I need to upgrade.”


Star Wars: The Old Republic


Can your girlfriend help you realize your dream of becoming a Jedi Knight? Probably not but Star Wars: The Old Republic can. Search your feelings, you know it to be true. Try as she might, she is no match for the powers of the dark side. Or the light side for that matter because this game lets you play both.


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