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5 Must-Play Indie Horror Games

These games range from the gory to the flat out creepy.

2017 has seen many new horror titles either released or announced, and most of these have been from smaller game developers. Some of the most successful horror games such as classics Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Five Nights at Freddy’s were created by independent developers. If you’re a true fan of horror games, check out these indie titles — many of which were made possible by raising funds from gamers.

1. We Happy Few (PC, Xbox One, PS4) – Some may consider this game more mystery than horror, but there are enough frightening moments to go around. Even the game’s premise will send shivers up your spine. Set in a dystopian world, residents of a fictional town must take a hallucinogenic drug call “Joy” to forget terrible events from the past resulting in these people being constantly happy and easy to control. The game is still in its early access stage and is expected to fully be released this coming April.

2. Outlast 2 (PC, Xbox One, PS4) – If you thought the original Outlast was scary then the sequel will have you covering your eyes the whole time. Your character must search for his wife traveling through a village occupied by a sadistic religious cult. The game utilizes the same elements of hiding from enemies while using a camcorder to see in the dark, and of course, the game doesn’t pull the punches when it comes to jump scares.

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