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6 Cool PS4 Console and Controller Mods

From behemoths to beauties.

Unlike PC gamers, PlayStation 4 owners are pretty much stuck with what Sony puts inside its console. Whereas PCs can constantly be updated to meet technological improvements, console players have to wait until the next generation to notice the biggest improvements. With the introduction of the PlayStation Pro and Project Scorpio, things could be about to change, but they still require buying a completely new system rather than just updating your current one.

This is where professional modders come in. Experts who know exactly what’s going on inside a PS4 console and controller have the ability to increase its power and, above all, make it look pretty damn cool. Here’s some of the best mods we’ve seen this generation. Prepare to feel envious.

1. The Extreme PS4 Case Mod

This behemoth increases the console’s size by over 50%, thanks to all of the extra hardware packed in. Increased RAM gives this PS4 more memory, whilst the built in cooling fan is what makes it look so intimidating. The LED clock on the front and LED lighting on the top and bottom make it look like a party in the dark. In case you didn’t know which console you were looking at, a giant PS4 logo appears on the top. There certainly wouldn’t be any losing this one.

2. Design 1.0

Extreme’s Design 1.0 looks outrageous in the dark with its LED backlit PlayStation symbol and cooling fan, which is mesmeric when it’s rotating in the bright light. Then everything gets brighter, and the console looks even better. Its bright white skin looks perfect, and the controller USB has even been modded to show the PlayStation logo as well. The huge logo on top is LED backlit even with the lights on. It’s a beauty.

3. Resident Evil 1.0

Resident Evil 1.0 looks like it would only be for fans of the series, with its Resident Evil 2 front cover image on the left, umbrella corps logo, and DNA vial poking out of the top. However, packed into it is an extended hard drive, increased RAM, and a cooling fan underneath. What allows the cooling fan to sit under the console are four legs which keep the system floated, as well as making it look pretty cool.

4. Building it Yourself

Not all mods are as impossible as they seem, as Austin Evans proves. Using standard – but expensive – items, he adds a bulky cooling system, cooling stand, USB hub, and a huge 6 terabyte hard drive to the PS4, making it the ‘ultimate’ console. The console works perfectly well afterwards, and does show a loss of overheating, but it does beg the question of whether or not you’d ever want to spend all that money for such little gain.

5. SCUF Infinity4PS Controller


This is the controller the majority of pros use, and it’s easy to see why. It features removable paddles with the ability to remap them as well, removable analog sticks, fully adjustable triggers, rubber handle grips, and an extended battery life. It’s the ultimate controller, and for a ‘mere’ £99 ($130) it can be yours. SCUF gaming even sell it in a wide range of different colours, our favourite being bright pink. That would make you stand out on the pro gaming scene.

6. Clear Inside Controller


Have no idea what goes inside that controller of yours? The Electronic Truth’s clear PS4 controller allows you to see everything in the day time, and then brightens things up for you at night. Within the clear casing are LED lights which would go perfectly with extreme’s Design 1.0, and the controller also features modded triggers for improved play.

Did we miss out any PlayStation 4 console or controller mods? Let us know in the comment section below.

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