7 Free Games That Increase Your IQ

Once seen as a pass time that rotted your braincells, new research supports that video games can actually have positive effects on the brain. Not all games can help you with your math homework, but these 7 free games can boost your brain power if you play them enough.




According to a 2012 study, individuals with low IQ often showed poor motor skills than those with good motor skills who exhibited high levels of proficiency in all IQ categories. Therefore, playing Smite could increase your IQ because your motor skills need to be fine-tuned if you want to land on hit on the competition thanks to the game’s aim-based combat system.


Rodinia War

In 2008, scientists Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl devised a method that would increase “fluid intelligence”—the ability to draw connections between things, solve problems, and adapt to new situations. By having test subjects pay attention to two different streams of information, they found they exhibited a significant gain in reasoning abilities. Though the developers of Rodinia War probably didn’t intend for it, their game requires this “fluid intelligence” if players are going to be successful switching between the MMORTS and MMORPG streams of the game.

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Forge of Empire

Forge of Empires

Psychologists have found that there is a correlation between strong relational skills and high IQ. Having a strong handle on the relationships between people and among other things has been shown to enhance thinking and problem solving skills. Forge of Empires is the perfect free game to cultivate relational skills as you’ll have to do some quick problem solving while brokering alliances with other players if you plan on making it to the modern era.

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When trying to boost your IQ, mindset matters. Believing and embracing that you can learn more will enhance your performance in any learning environment. Persisting with tasks even when they are difficult will help you get to the finish line. Which is why Elvenar is a free game to play. It’s all about continuing to grow, expand and improve all while the going-ons of your city become more difficult. Persisting through the problem-solving and continuing to grow in Elvenar might just rub off on you and you’ll be in a better place to expand your IQ in the future.


Star Wars: The Old Republic / Star Trek Online

Research shows that IQ can be increased by pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones. Some people try to learn an instrument or language, whereas we would prefer to take a giant leap outside our comfort zones and explore different galaxies altogether. There are two free games that allow players to explore galaxies to their heart’s content: Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online. Whichever sci-fi universe you are partial to, start with that one. But always remember that the other is worth your time should you decide your brain needs even newer horizons.

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star trek online

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Dark Era

While there’s no history portion on the average IQ test, playing Dark Era for free might help increase your knowledge of history. Or perhaps it will skewer it terribly. “Did you know that the Romans needed my help clearing out all the the Dark Abyss Emperor’s forces from the Colosseum?” As long as you can still differentiate the fact from fiction, Dark Era succeeds in conveying the atmosphere and feel of specific time-periods. And that’s what the academic pursuit of history is all about.



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