7 Video Games That Ruined Friendships

It’s never JUST a game.

What’s more fun than playing video games? Playing video games with a friend! What’s not fun is when said friend decides to screw you overturning an enjoyable experience into pure frustration. Whether pitted against one another or paired up as a team, someone will end up starting a fight during certain games. Here’s our list of the video games that ruin friendships.

1. Goldeneye 007 (N64)

The Nintendo 64 was made for multiplayer fun, and this FPS allowed you and your friends to engage in split-screen deathmatches. The many hilarious cheats players could apply to matches (DK Mode and Paintball mode were the best) and the character selection appealed to fans of the game, except when someone picked Oddjob. Players will remember having to aim their sights lower since Oddjob was much shorter than any other characters in the game. Players went from laughing at the oversized heads to throwing their controllers after every death.

2. Portal 2 (PC, Xbox 360)

Valve’s sequel to the highly creative title Portal included a co-op mode, allowing players to share the fun in the mind-bending physics of the game. In co-op mode, two players take on the role of robots P-Body and Atlas and are tasked with working together to solve the many puzzles in each level. Success is based on whether you and your partner can cooperate, and most players hoped their so-called “friend” wasn’t a total dunce and accidentally drops you in water, or refuses to simply open the door that’s in your way. Friendships we’re powerless against the game’s mechanics.

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