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9 Surprising Facts about Overwatch

What you don’t know about Blizzard’s massive hit.

For a game that feels so simple, Overwatch is incredibly complex. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep player interest piqued even months after its release. Even the smallest of details are key to the game’s success.


So, let’s break down nine facts you might not know about your favorite game.

Make it like Earth

Despite what the unique art style would lead you to believe, the team at Blizzard wanted Overwatch to look like Earth as much as possible.


Some examples of maps pulled from real life include Illios (Greece), Hanamura (Japan), and the not-so-creatively-titled Route 66 (from America’s Route 66).

Hero Jesse McCree has his own comic series

Want to know more about vigilante Jesse McCree (because who doesn’t love a vigilante?). Good news. Blizzard has actually published a comic series about the renegade character and it wasn’t on a whim.

Overwatch McCree comic

The development team planned the comic to flesh out the backstory of one of its diverse roster of heroes. Best of all, it’s posted online and free to read.

All about the name

Blizzard’s abandoned MMO Titan featured a group of elite soldiers called Overwatch. After Titan’s failure, Blizzard used the name to create an entirely new game. Strangely enough, Blizzard’s plans almost fell through a second time when they nearly had the name snatched from them.

Innovis Labs was already using the name Overwatch for one of their apps when Blizzard began releasing gameplay trailers from their newest title. Eventually, Innovis Labs turned over all the rights to the name and Blizzard quickly trademarked the term.

AFK? Not so much

Despite being released just last year, Overwatch is one of the most played games in history. Gamers racked up 119 million hours of playing time during the first week of its release alone.

Overwatch PlayingTime

That’s equivalent to thirteen thousand years.

There are Easter Eggs galore

Either Blizzard is in love with itself, or it knows many of those playing Overwatch are also fans of its other titles. In a nod to dedicated gamers, Blizzard added in several references to other games in the Overwatch universe.

One such example is the soup kitchen in Hanahmura, where a Murloc is featured in a advertisement. Shooting the ad will produce the creature’s signature gurgling noises.

Blizzard thinks ammo hunting is boring

While developing Overwatch, Blizzard’s focus was on making the game as fun as possible. What’s boring in gaming for according to Blizzard?

Overwatch Unlimited Ammo

Scrounging for ammo, which is why you’ll never find yourself digging through boxes to reload your character’s pistol.

Don’t forget that Pokemon reference

When you unlock Hanzo, one of his possible lines of dialogue is, “I choose you, Spirit Dragon.” This is a direct reference to the infamous “Pikachu, I choose you!” line often delivered by Ash in the original Pokemon anime.

Tracer was Overwatch’s first playable character, but Torbjorn was the first created

It’s well documented that Tracer was the first playable Hero, but Torbjorn was the first to be created with the game’s powerful engine. Used as a visual target, this hammer-wielding engineer helped nail down Overwatch’s trademark style — and not just the look of the other characters.

Overwatch Tracer gameplay

Everything from the game’s levels, maps, and overall tone was derived from his character.

Roadhog was foreshadowed long before he was added to the game

In the Temple of Anubis and King’s Row, there are newspapers circling around in the wind. The cover story on the front page reports the criminal activity of an individual simply known as “Roadhog.” Weeks later, the character was added as a playable Hero in the game.

Overwatch Roadhog Hero

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