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Best Horror Games on PS4 of 2018

The was once a time that the PlayStation was the absolute king of horror games, especially when it came to the Survival Horror genre; itself being christened on the original PlayStation. Now, in 2018, the PS4 seeks to bring back glory to the console family with some outstanding horror games.

From terrifying indie games dealing with World War 1 to games that literally put you in Hell, here are some of the best horror games on the PS4 for 2018!

10. Ad Infinitum

Whilst we know very little about Ad Infinitum, beyond the trailer itself, it’s pretty obvious that this is going to one incredibly scary game! In fact, the hyper-realistic graphics showing off trench warfare during World War 1 would probably have been horrific enough to make a great Survival Horror game, but the developers, Strixlab, didn’t want to leave it at that.

Instead, they threw in a bunch of Lovecraftian style horror as well! That means that we can expect a lot of psychological horrors to come out of Ad Infinitum, on top of the horrors of war. From creep monsters that pop up every now and then to something even more terrifying, we can also be certain that Ad Infinitum is going to be one amazing horror game for PS4 this year.

9. Agony

Okay, so what’s a scarier place to be than the trenches during World War 1? Well, Hell, of course. That’s precisely where you’ll find yourself as soon as you turn on Agony. This is a game where you control a Martyr who has been condemned to Hell and has to survive your trip through this nightmarish realm. Filled with demons, along with other Martyrs, you’ll need your wits about you (and possibly a few sets of spare underwear too).

In Agony, you have the ability to possess other Martyrs, which gives you a leg up in terms of survival whilst also adding a bit of tactical thought to the game as well. This is even more so when you eventually get the ability to possess some demons as well!

Of course, Agony wouldn’t be a Survival Horror game if there weren’t puzzles involved as well… So, whilst you’re hiding or running for your (after)life, you’ll also need to deal with a bunch of brainteasing tricks and problems you need to solve. This all adds to the tension, making for one of the best PS4 horror games of 2018!

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