E3 2017: The Best Games That Surprised Us

The ones we didn’t expect.

While we love getting more trailers and information on the games we already knew about at E3, there’s nothing better than a good surprise, and this year didn’t disappoint. There were games we expected that didn’t turn up, but others we’d never imagine would be there in our wildest dreams. That’s what events like E3 are about: giving fans who dedicate a huge portion of their lives to games that feeling of elation, sheer excitement, and shock when a new or long rumoured title is announced. Here are the best games that surprised us at this year’s E3; the ones that will make us wait until next year’s event comes around.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Sometimes games are rumoured for so long that fans give up hope of them ever reaching development, let alone release. Beyond Good and Evil was a critical success, meaning fans were always hopeful of a second, but a commercial failure, leaving Ubisoft less than willing to invest in a sequel. For over a decade after rumours continued to surface of Beyond Good and Evil 2, but they filtered down to little more than fanfare. Finally, though, at E3, fans got their first glimpse of what they’ve been waiting for so long for: Beyond Good and Evil 2 is official.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 will take place years before the original, so it’s likely that Jade won’t make an appearance. The world is much the same, though: Hybrids share the world with humans, and are being created in labs only to be further tested on. Talking monkeys with jet-packs and hefty gangster pigs live in this futuristic metropolis, some part of a resistance, others the cause of the city’s problems. Exactly what the story’s about we’re not sure, but at the end of the trailer a hologram is shown with what seems to be an artefact surrounded by dead bodies, so we’re guessing it has something to do with that. Only time will tell if it lives up to expectations or not, but we’re excited nevertheless.

Featured Image Credit: www.playstationtrophies.org

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