E3 2017: Games We Expected That We’re Most Excited About

We knew they were coming…

Another year, another E3. The world’s biggest video games expo is like Christmas for gamers, bringing with it a score of upcoming titles for them to feast their teeth into. Many we already know about, but every year a few surprises blow us away, and keep us wanting more until June comes around the next year. There are inevitably disappointments too: games – like Red Dead Redemption 2 – that don’t make an appearance, no matter how much we want them to. No matter what, though, there’s an excitement surrounding E3 that continues to make it the biggest day on the video game industry’s calendar.

Although it perhaps wasn’t as explosive as in previous years, E3 2017 still delivered on many levels. We had our first glimpse of games rumoured for months prior, and others that had been rumoured for over ten years. Many had had teaser trailers before June, but E3 was an opportunity to see actual gameplay. Now that they’re out in the open, here are the games we expected to see at this year’s E3 that we’re most excited about.

Super Mario Odyssey

We knew Super Mario Odyssey was going to be different, but no one knew just how strange it actually was. A staple of Mario’s outfit, his red hat can do more than just act as a step; the lengthy trailer shows it taking over anything from Goombas to a T-Rex. Mario’s ability to be able to take control of other characters in the game is unique to Odyssey, and could be exactly the change that the series needs.

As shown in the original trailer, Mario will be traversing a world similar to our own. Like his N64 adventure, different missions will be available in each area, and the goal will be to complete as many as is necessary to unlock a new part of the world. What we saw at E3 looked bigger, better, and crazier than any Mario game we’ve seen before. Super Mario 64 took us into 3D and Galaxy shot us into space; Odyssey is looking like it could be the plumber’s next great adventure.

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