Top 10 Most Difficult Soulsborne Bosses (and how to kill them)

Prepare to die, many times over

The Dark Souls series, Demon’s Souls, and Bloodborne are all widely recognised as some of the most challenging games of all time. Their gameplay and mechanics vary from game to game, with some taking attack-based approaches and others defence, different abilities to be used, as well as maps and environments unique to each game. There is something that can be found throughout each title though: bosses.

The now-infamous boss battles have plagued players ever since Demon’s Souls released in 2009, and to the unsuspecting newcomer can pose quite a surprise. There’s nothing quite like stepping through a clouded doorway for the first time, only to be met by a behemoth able to take you down in a single blow. For those who took these first steps, and survived all five games, here are our top 10 most difficult Soulsborne bosses.

10. Loran Darkbeast

Game: Bloodborne

Some bosses are difficult because they have special moves or high power, others because they’re so agile and tough to get a hit on. Loran Darkbeast is all of these. Found in the Lower Loran Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne, this is an optional boss, and optional bosses generally mean that FromSoftware can bump them up to any difficulty without getting too much grievance from fans. If you’ve beaten the Darkbeast Paarl before, expect a similar fight, just much, much harder.

Loran Darkbeast emits static electricity throughout, so wear bolt resistant armour. The only places to really attack it are its legs, but when angered, it will curl itself up and create a shockwave around its near-radius. This can deal a huge amount of damage, so close range players need to get out quickly. When you are far away from it, a jump and slam attack can sometimes half your damage, so it’s not recommended being out for too long. The reason why Loran Darkbeast is so tough to beat though, is because he’s so nimble and constantly leaping from place to place, which makes it almost impossible to lock on to him. It’s easier trying to beat him without it, so just hit blindly in this instance. Which is easier said than done.

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