The 25 Most Anticipated PS4 Games for 2017

Too many games, not enough money

10. Days Gone

Release Date: TBC 2017

Days Gone looks like the zombie game that everyone wanted; open-world, strategical, with the ability to upgrade weapons via a crafting system. Think all the best zombie games over the last decade (yes, there have been many), take out all of the best elements from them, and you have what Days Gone is trying to achieve. Not technically zombies but more infected humans, whatever they are it seems like you’ll be doing a lot of running away from them.

9. Outlast 2

Release Date: TBC 2017

After years of the survival in survival horror meaning essentially shooting your way out of a bad situation (not least thanks to Resident Evil 4), it seems the original meaning of the genre is coming back into fashion. Similar to the original, Outlast 2 will be more about avoiding enemies rather than confronting them, as players take control of Blake Langermann, a freelance photographer investigating the murder of a pregnant young woman. Be prepared for this to be a creepy one.

8. Detroit: Become Human

Release Date: TBC 2017

Quantic Dream failed to recapture the magic that made Heavy Rain so special with Beyond: Two Souls. Their second attempt comes in the form of Detroit: Become Human, a neo-noir thriller set in a futuristic Detroit. Players interact between two characters: Kara, a recently escaped android questioning her existence, and Connor, another android tasked with killing the likes of Kara. Expect heavy narrative and unique gameplay in this Blade Runner inspired action-adventure game.

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