Top 10 Cancelled Video Games

We’ve all been through it. A trailer or a demo premieres at E3, blows everyone’s minds and then, much to our chagrin, the game never sees the light of day. Thankfully, millions of other awesome games have been released to ease the sting of most cancelled video games, but below are the 10 Cancelled Video Games that we’re still holding out hope that someday they will be completed.

10. Gotham by Gaslight

Inspired by the DC Comics one shot of the same name, Gotham By Gaslight would have let players control Batman in a steam-punk, alternate 1889 in hopes of defeating Jack the Ripper. But since THQ failed to secure the rights to the Batman universe, including this one-off Victorian Batman universe, Gotham By Gaslight is forever lost. Batman: Arkham Origins’ Season Pass includes an exclusive Gotham By Gaslight skin for Batman, but that’s as close as we’ll ever come to playing Gotham By Gaslight. Good thing the Arkham games came along to fill the void.


9. Shenmue 3

After the first two instalments failed to recoup their massive development budgets, Sega cancelled their plans for the cult classic game to continue in Shenmue III. There is some good news, however. On June 15, 2015, producer and director of the Shenmue series Yu Suzuki announced a Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue III during Sony’s E3 conference.

In just over nine hours, the campaign reached its initial $2 million goal. On July 17, 2015 Shenmue III was officially funded on Kickstarter with 6.3 million USD, becoming the fastest-funded and the highest-funded video game project in Kickstarter history. It’s slated for a December 2017 release, but it’s been cancelled before so until we are playing the next Shenmue game, we’re being skeptical.


8. B.C.

No one can hype up a disappointing game like Peter Molyneux. Nowadays, the gaming community has learned not to listen to what he has to say, but how could we not be enticed by the scale and ambition of B.C.? Players would have controlled tribes of cavemen in an action-adventure setting, helping them to evolve and create settlements whose dispositions depend on the cave-people you breed.

What seemed most impressive was the chain reaction of your actions; for example, it would have been possible for tribesmen to affect the food chain if they killed enough animals, which could in turn have had dire consequences if left unchecked. However, in 2004, despite releasing some very promising footage, Molyneux summarily halted production on the title, deeming it too ambitious to meet his standards. Instead, Peter Molyneux focused on the Fable series, which coincidentally did not live up to the tales he spun us.


7. Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah, a promising-looking war shooter with horror elements, prided itself on the fact that it was not only taken from a real conflict, bust one that was still going on during its development…and…umm…still sort of continuing 5 years later….ANYWAYS, there was a massive public outrage about how tasteless and flippant a war game with actual realism, even though no one had ever actually played the game, and it was eventually put to rest by Konami.

Apparently, by 2010, the game was actually completed and a few months ago, rumours circled around saying that the game “definitely isn’t cancelled.” It might have trouble competing with more modern shooters if it’s ever released, but what’s really intriguing is Six Days in Fallujah purported to offer the player a level of choice and really immerse us in the unpleasant experience of going to war; we’d have to decide whether to kill a suspect or let them go, and whether to help the local villages or round them up and take them into custody. The developers interviewed over 70 war veterans, so clearly did their homework.


6. StarCraft: Ghost

Getting an up-close and personal look at the StarCraft universe in a stealth shooter game, controlling badass babe Nova would have been great. However, when you look at Blizzard Entertainment’s track record and consider that if it didn’t meet their high standards, it’s probably for the best that StarCraft: Ghost fell into the bottomless pit of cancelled video games.


5. Sadness

Set in pre-war Ukraine, Sadness would have had players protect a blind young boy from foes as well as his own fractured mental state. It had all the potential to be a classic survival horror title while making good use of the Wii’s motion controls. Sadly, after four years of development, the game was cancelled without even a scrap of the gameplay released. The studio behind it has since been shutdown permanently, so we can only hope that someone on the team sees themselves as a misunderstood genius and that they leak the game in hopes of showing the world that. Otherwise, this cancelled video game can be considered lost forever.


4. Eight Days

Eight Days was to take place over 8 days in the Arizona desert, and based on the trailer, it was going to be as ridiculous as a Fast and Furious movie. Of course, we were all skeptical about whether what we were seeing was gameplay footage or simply pre-rendered animation used to wow the E3 crowd. The game was reportedly cancelled because it didn’t have a multiplayer mode at a time when online was essentially becoming a necessity for games to be relevant. Still, whenever we watch this amazing trailer, we wonder what could have been…


3. All the cancelled Mega Man games

Capcom has cancelled not one, but four (4!) Mega Man games. Why? Who the heck knows. Rockman Online (the Mega Man MMO), Mega Man Legends 3 (free running RPG), Maverick Hunter (gritty FPS) and Megan Man Universe (think Super Mario Maker but with Mega Man) all seemed like decent games, but for whatever reason, they got cancelled. And now that Mega Man’s creator has left Capcom, is Mega Man done as we know it? Let’s hope not.


2. Fallout: Online

Exploring the wasteland with friends would have been a lot of friends, however, the cancellation of Fallout: Online, an MMO set in the post-apocalyptic world, led to the creation of Fallout 3. Hard to complain about the end result, but we would have gladly taken both rather than have one of these fall on this list of cancelled video games.


1. Silent Hills

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro teaming up to breathe some much needed new life into the now-dismal horror survival franchise, what could go wrong? Konami could swoop in and toss the highly-anticipated reboot into the bottomless pit of cancelled video games is what happened. Not even Del Toro knows why they suddenly cancelled the project, but let’s hope they change their minds because the playable demo that came out last year was super spooky and seemed to point the wayward franchise back in the right direction.

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