Top 3 Most Violent Free Online Games

Confession: we love violent video games. Does that make us bad people? Some surely would think so, but we understand that video games are not real and that all video game violence really does is add to the thrill of gaming. Is that so wrong? We don’t think so.

Whether you feel the same way or simply have a bloodlust you need to satiate without spending any money, you should check out these 3 most violent free online games.

Star Wars: The Old Repbulic

Star Wars

Is this the first time a Star Wars title was included on a list of violent things? Probably! And while we don’t typically associate anything Star Wars with anything more than cartoonish, family-friendly space-opera violence, Star Wars: The Old Republic can be extremely violent depending on how you play it. Obviously, if you choose the path of a Jedi knight, the violence won’t be much more than what you’ve seen in the movies. But when you take on the role of a Sith Warrior, it can be downright disturbing.

Not only can players who choose Sith Warrior kill indiscriminately, they also torture and participate in genocide. Considering that Star Wars is technically a Disney property, it’s pretty extreme.


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While the attacks in SMITE aren’t nearly as gnarly as the fatalities in Mortal Kombat, sometimes, if you are skilled enough, the attacks of certain Gods will make your jaw drop and wince with pain. Dropping a giant meteor on someone’s head as Agni or cannibalising minions as Bakasura are types of pain that feel good doling out during battle but it’s hard not to feel remorseful after the fact. But hey, overkill for the sake of points is just a part of the game.





MMORPG Tera is known primarily for its phenomenal visuals. The landscape and character design are on-point. Since Bluehole Studios put so much attention to detail into building the world of Arborea, are you surprised that they put the same effort in the gore? Maybe we’re sick in the head but Tera’s aim-based combat is made all the more satisfying by seeing monster guts splattering all over the game.

And if you’re the squeamish type, you can always turn off the gore under “lurid display”.



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