Donald Trump Games You Have To Play #MAGA!

Love him or hate him these games will make you laugh!

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is not going away. So why not have fun with him? Since the crazy United States election of 2016, a variety of developers have been cranking out Donald Trump games that let you play as, or play with the Big D himself. To my recollection, there has been no other contemporary political figure that has starred in as many games as Donald Trump. If you need a few laughs or want to make some funny Donald Trump game vid captures read on!

5. Mr. President!

One of the most popular Donald Trump games of last fall, Mr President!’s main game mechanic focuses taking a bullet for the big orange guy. In the game you play as Dick Rock-Hard Johnson, a secret serviceman that is tasked with protecting the president at any cost. In the game, you must navigate around obstacles to jump in front of a bullet in time to save Donald. Graphically Mr. President! looks horrible but in an insane Goat Simulator kind of way.

4. Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency

If you love or admire the great orange one, this is the game for you. Some people call this a pro-Trump simulator. As impossible as it sounds, in this game you get to control Donald Trump himself. As the man, you participate in variety of scenarios that are not limited to shooting ISIS militants, building the Wall, and invading China. The game uses a map between the missions which are 2d action-fests that bear a slight resemblance to levels in the Metal Slug series.

3. Make America Great Again (again)

Using a retro pixel art style Make America Great Again (again) is a silly 2d action shooter. In this game you control a stumpy little Donald Trump as he takes on a variety of enemies. The bad guys in this case are ISIS militants. You jump and dodge their bullets  while navigating through middle eastern environments. Although Trump is the protagonist here, there is a refreshing lack of political brow-beating in this game.

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