Donald Trump Games You Have To Play #MAGA!

Love him or hate him these games will make you laugh!

2. TrumPiñata

Perhaps inspired by the Trump piñata crazy that recently developed in Mexico, TrumPiñata is exactly what it sounds like. In this Steam VR game, players are tasked with battling the Trump Pinata and not much else. When hit, the piñata produces a sound clip of one of Trump’s famous phrases. There is game is incredibly unrealistic because after destroying the paper mache Trump no candy issues forth from the piñata/Trump corpse. It is good for a 5 mins laugh but that’s about it.

1. Trump Simulator VR

In this VR Trump simulator, you step into the shoes of Donald Trump himself. The game looks something like Job simulator. All you see are your hands and head in what appears to be Trump’s private quarters. Like job simulator, you are supposed to have fun doing mundane tasks. The tasks for Trump involve things like shredding tax documents, and stacking blocks with the letters T, R,U,M, P. This is another one that is maybe funny for 5 minutes but it only costs $.99 so what the hell?

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