Games Bizarrely Banned From Entire Countries.

10 Bizarre bans from across the globe

6. Mass Effect

Where: Singapore

The Mass Effect series has gone down in history as one of the greatest in the RPG genre. Its vast, sci-fi locations contain a wealth of NPCs to mingle with and take on missions for, meaning the games can take over 100 hours to fully complete. Aside from its gameplay though, it’s always been credited as an important title for video game diversity, by representing characters of different races and sexual preferences. Sadly some countries didn’t take too well to this, however.

Singapore initially banned the original for featuring an intimate love scene between two ‘females’. There are two problems with this, aside from the fact that it’s a sick reason to ban anything anyway. The first is that the scene is entirely dependent on who you pick as a starter character. Choose a male and there is no lesbianism. The second is that one of the characters is an alien; do aliens count in lesbianism? Thankfully the ban was lifted, but the embarrassing scar still remains, and will forever tarnish the Singapore officials’ reputations.

5. Medal of Honor

Where: US Military Bases

Modern first-person shooters often turn stereotypes on their heads, and in some cases allow players to become the ‘bad guys’, with varying results. Modern Warfare 2 famously had to cut out a lot of its airport massacre scene, but it was a turning point in being able to play the other way around. By 2010 Medal of Honor had lost so much ground to the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, but it still managed to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons.

American military men and women were banned from purchasing the game at bases, which included 49 GameStop stores. The reason was because of a segment of the game in which the player took control of a member of the Taliban, shooting down enemy U.S forces. The ban was met with outrage, but the defence was that many people had lost family and friends to similar style shootings, so it would be insensitive to stock it. Strangely though, soldiers were still able to possess the game, just so long as it was purchased outside the base.

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