Games Bizarrely Banned From Entire Countries.

10 Bizarre bans from across the globe

4. Fallout 3

Where: Australia

A bleak, post-nuclear world in which giant mutants can be blasted into little pieces using futuristic weaponry, and the few surviving humans are brutally turning against each other. Yep, that’s absolutely fine, that meets our censorship requirements. Wait, the main character uses morphine? Hold on a minute…

You’d think that supposed heavy drug-taking would be the least of the Australian censorship board’s worries, but you’d be wrong. Throughout the game players are required to use morphine as a healing agent, and the stabbing of the needle into the army didn’t go down well down under. They temporarily banned the game from being sold, citing the game’s portrayal of drug-use as an issue. Bethesda went and took away all of the morphine supplements and replaced them with Med-X, a drug which was injected in the exact same manner and produced the exact same effects. This was okay though, as the updated version eventually made it out into retailers, inciting no drug-use in the process.

3. Battlefield 3

Where: Iran

As we’ve seen, western war games are bound to annoy at least someone. There are the perceived good guys and the bad guys, and the latter generally get a bad rap; especially with graphics being as pixel perfect as they are now, people are always more likely to take offence. This time around it was Dice and EA’s chance to tick someone off, and Iran was the country in the firing line.

In one scene in Battlefield 3, players assault the Iranian capital Tehran, with several soldiers having to be shot in the head. It’s safe to say this didn’t go down well, as in 2011 the game was made illegal to sell. A petition against was also signed by 5,000 Iranian youths, who felt scenes such as this gave their country a bad name throughout the international community. There was one issue though; Battlefield 3 had never been officially sold in Iran. That meant that every copy which was initially sold and then looted after the ban had been illegally made. The country had banned a game that didn’t exist in their country. Bizarre.

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