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We’re looking for talented writers to join our team. Writing for GameAddik is both an educational experience and a great way to build a following. We offer you a platform to publish your work to our audience of over 1.4 million monthly gamers.

We’re looking for four types of writers:

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How much does it pay?

Writing for GameAddik is first and foremost an educational experience and a way to establish a name for yourself in the gaming industry. Each article is bylined with your name, image, a three line description and links to your social profiles. You will also have your own author page with a collection of all your work and a more exhaustive description of your work and projects.

If your content is of exceptional quality, our editors will promote it to our communities on multiple platforms.

To be a paid writer, you must establish a trusted relationship with our team, produce high-quality content over a given period of time and have an audience to promote your content too.

Trusted contributors may eventually be offered a staff writer position.

Gaming Journalists

We’re looking for Game Journalists that are capable of breaking the latest news, interview industry experts and provide our readers with sneak peeks of upcoming games. Are you exceptionally knowledgeable or connected within a community or market, let us know! We may even be able to provide you with your own platform.

Want to become a gaming journalist? Writing for GameAddik is a great way to get known and looks good on your resume.

Already an established gaming journalist with your own following? There is room for you on the GameAddik team. Fill our form and let’s start working together!

Content Creators

We’re looking for people to create entertaining compilation (lists) of games. These can range from “Top 10 Most Difficult Soulborne Bosses” to “25 Must Have PS4 Games” to “14 Cool Things You Can Do With Your PS4“. Our readers love it when people make lists of games for them and are usually very viral.

We’re also looking for writers that can create in-depth guides on how to perform speedruns, MMO team builds to rank #1 or beat a hard boss (we’re looking at you Dark Souls!). Anything goes! If someone can learn something from it, we want it on our site!

This position is perfect for writers that want to get known as they are usually very viral with our crowd.

Game reviewers

Did you play a game that was so great you want everyone to know? Or is it so bad that it gave you cancer? If you can give a well written, unbiased review of a game, then submit it to us!

Being a reviewer for GameAddik is a stepping stone to becoming a professional game reviewer. We don’t offer free games to new game reviewers. Only reviewers with a proven track record who have published multiple reviews that have gained traction to be considered for sponsored reviews.

Staff Writers

People who have built a productive working relationship with GameAddik or have a proven, professional track record in the gaming industry with an already established following may be offered the position of staff writer.

Staff writers can be paid on a per article basis or a weekly salary. Rates vary on experience, audience and the quality of your work.

Don’t have any prior experience?

We all have to start somewhere! Be honest with us in form submission and let us know what your goals and aspirations are. We’ll work together to have you publishing your first articles 🙂

Topics we Cover

There are 5 types of articles we produce:

  • News
  • Editorials
  • Reviews
  • Lists & Compilations
  • Guides

These can be applied to any game produced for any of the following platforms and their various iterations:

  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo
  • PC
  • VR
  • Mobile (Android & iOS)
  • Browser Games

Where you will be published

We have a network of sites you can potentially be published on. All articles will go live on Only the best articles will be picked by our editorial staff and featured on the front page and promoted to our communities.

However, we have a large network of partner sites & niche blogs where your content will also be published. For privacy reasons, we cannot disclose this list, but you WILL be promoted no matter what.

Writer Application Form

Explain to us your existing projects, how many social media followers you have and what type of reach you have within the gaming community.

It's ok if you don't have any prior experience. Be honest with us.

Please tell us which games and platforms you would like to write about.

Do you want to build an audience? Make a name for yourself? Are you looking at making a career out of writing? Tell us your expectations.

Terms & Conditions

I Hereby acknowledge that I will submit 100% original and unique content. By submitting articles to, I hereby acknowledge emitting all rights of use to GameAddik, and thus grant GameAddik a perpetual non-exclusive world-wide license (not ownership) to display, promote, or modify my content for commercial use. I also stand liable to legal action if I do not have the necessary rights of ownership/distribution of the content submitted or am not the original author of the submitted content. I also accept that my content may be edited by GameAddik at their sole discretion.

I have read and accepted the GameAddik "Terms and Conditions" stated above.