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  • Best Xbox Games of 2018

    The 13 Best Games Xbox One Players Will See in 2018

    Whether you’re downing a tankard of grog on the way to fight some Skellies for that sweet, sweet treasure in Sea of Thieves, or jumping head first into destructive mayhem to enact super-powered justice in Crackdown 3, Xbox One players will have plenty of action-packed adventures this year. More

  • WTF

    6 Coolest Modded PS4 Controllers

    The PS4 DualShock controllers are already awesome straight out of the box, but sometimes you want to get creative and make your controller look awesome. Here are some of the coolest modded PS4 controllers to give you some ideas of your own, or you can even purchase one of these for yourself! More

  • 9 Great Gift Ideas for Playstation Fans

    The holidays are just around the corner, and along with the season comes the hassle to find out what the heck to buy for those close to you. Gamers rejoice since this year has seen some awesome products released. More

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