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    Huge Sale in Honor of Batman Day on PSN This Weekend

    Get ready to don the cowl and fight crime this week! Fans of the Caped Crusader will be delighted to know the PlayStation Store is having a big sale on all Batman games. Sept. 23rd is Batman Day, and what better way to celebrate the “World’s Greatest Detective” than offering a huge sale on everything Batman?

    This year marks another milestone for the Batman universe with 2017 being the 25th anniversary of Harley Quinn, who first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. The Clown Princess of Crime has a huge presence in many of the Batman games, so fans of both characters should check out the sale this week. Here’s a list of the games on sale:

    • Batman: Arkham Knight – $9.99
    • Arkham Knight Season Pass – $9.99
    • Batman: Return to Arkham – $14.99
    • Batman Arkham VR – $15.99
    • Injustice: Ultimate Edition – $9.99
    • Injustice 2 – $47.99
    • Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack – $31.99
    • Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – $9.99
    • Lego Batman 3 Season Pass – $7.49
    • Lego Batman 3 Deluxe Edition – $17.49

    For any fans who haven’t played the first two installments in the Arkham series can now experience both in Batman: Return to Arkham. Released just last year, the game is a remaster of the Batman: Arkham and Batman: Arkham City, and with a price of $14.99 it’s basically a steal.
    If you’re looking for a more immersive experience as The Dark Knight, check out Batman Arkham VR which puts you in a first-person perspective of Batman himself.

    The sale is available in the Playstation Store until Tuesday Sept. 26th. Have you played any of these Batman titles? How many of these games will you purchase this week? Let us know in the comments.

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    PlayStation Should Remaster More Childhood Games

    PlayStation has seen phenomenal success in its remaster of Crash Bandicoot. And when developers hinted at a Spyro reboot, players were beyond thrilled. Imagine the excitement if PlayStation continued to release games that most haven’t seen since childhood. To this day, most players can think back to a title that defined their childhood summers and shaped their gaming lives. Personally, I know which game I would recommend for a PlayStation remaster.

    When I was 13-years-old, my brother and I purchased a PS1 game that we had never heard of before: Team Buddies. We had seen no commercials or promotions for the game, and only a single copy was available in the store, and we were lucky enough get our hands on it. From that day on, we would spend hours on end battling one another in this strategic fortress defense title, and the 4 player capabilities allowed others to join in on the fun.

    The Team Buddies Trailer

    Though Team Buddies has a strong cult following, not many mainstream gamers have even heard of this game. The game is over 17-years-old and isn’t even available on Sony consoles past the original PlayStation. So, why would a Team Buddies remaster – in particular – be a good idea? The answer lies in looking at the titles that still have a large player base: League of Legends, Overwatch, and even Team Fortress 2. These are all team objective-based games and Team Buddies is no different.

    Team Buddies offered fast paced strategic gameplay while including unique character styles and maps. Battles would take place on maps with clever names such as “Quarrelsome Quarry” and “Temple Tantrum,” along with 12 other player maps. To achieve victory, you would build weapons, troops, and vehicles by collecting boxes scattered around the map. Vehicles included tanks, bikes, and attack helicopters that you could ride and control. Your objective was to destroy the other players bases while defending your own.

    Setting nostalgia aside, Team Buddies would find an audience in today’s gaming community mainly because of the multiplayer aspect. A remaster could add online capabilities on the PS4 and include more than just one single player on a team unlike the original Team Buddies. The wacky humor and colorful art would appeal to fans of games like Overwatch. Plus, the limited copies available for the game have created an aura of fascination for PlayStation fans. Players curious to try out the game on the PS1 may currently be disappointed since finding a copy is nearly impossible… And even if you find a copy online, you’ll end up dishing out close to $200.

    It would be a smart move if Sony added Team Buddies to its list of remasters. The original game’s developer, Psygnosis, was a company of Sony, so it allows a great opportunity to revive this title and give players an unexpected treat.

    Did you ever play Team Buddies? What childhood games would you want remastered and why? Tell us your thoughts.

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    Final Fantasy IX Re-Release Out Now on PS4

    Final Fantasy IX has been re-released and is now available to buy on the PlayStation store as of today. This critically-acclaimed game comes two years after another Final Fantasy title, FFVII, was ported to the PS4.

    The game features improved HD cutscene animations along with achievable trophies. However, according to reports by websites such as Push Square, the trophies “demand either a lot of time, a lot of effort, or some insanely elite skills.” So, while the re-release may not have many new additions to the gameplay, some gamers and hardcore fans may be happy to see new challenges to the game that come with attempting to collect the many trophies.

    As many other PS4 games, FFIX also comes with player icons and themes. The game didn’t get a full remaster and seems to be similar to the PC version that was released last year. No word yet if the re-release with HD improvements will be ported to the PC.

    The game is currently on sale until September 26 on the Playstation store. Will you play Final Fantasy IX on PS4? What do you think about re-releases?

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    Rage of the Righteous: A New Free-to-Play Open World MMO

    Rage of the Righteous is the latest MMO game from developer EZfun, notable for their smash hit Dynasty Blades: Warriors MMO. The game’s characters and lore grab inspiration from legendary tales such as The Monkey King and A Journey to the West. Players choose a hero, with each hero having a different weapon set. Players will also choose two separate weapon styles that you can switch between during combat. Like classic MMOs, the game features open world PvP events, dungeons, bosses, and an upgrade system for your hero.

    Rage of the Righteous includes a faction system that makes players align their hero with one of three nation states. Your character fights for your nation’s glory as you battle dungeon bosses and monsters. Live combat between players of opposing factions makes the game feel like it’s alive. Players can travel through the open world border zones and challenge other players in battle, and can call upon powerful allies to aid your hero.

    One of the more unique features of the game is how players can run their character for government office and lead your nations “Empire.” You choose how you want your hero to run your Empire and will be faced with decisions that affect your nation. You’ll also be able to appoint other players to positions of power to help lead your Empire.

    Rage of the Righteous is great for players looking for a fast-paced action game, and considering it’s a free to play mobile title, it offers many features associated with other classic MMOs. The game has been out since last month and is already gaining a huge player base.

    EZfun’s Rage of the Righteous is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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    New CTF-esque Tribute Mode Coming Soon to Ubisoft’s For Honor

    Ubisoft has recently announced their hack and slash game For Honor will be getting a new game mode called “Tribute Mode” in a future update.

    Described as objective-based, Tribute Mode will pit two teams of 4 players against each other in acquiring 3 different offerings scattered around the map. Once a player grabs an “Offering,” they must deliver it to one of their team’s three shrines, with each shrine granting your team a different buff in the form of “blessings.” Tribute Mode is essentially capture the flag (CTF), but your team gets a buff with every capture. Here’s a quick rundown of each blessing and how they improve your team:

    • Guardian Blessing – Not only does your team get a buff from this blessing, but the enemy team is hit with a punishing effect as well. Your team is granted a regenerating shield, and the enemy team will begin to experience slower interaction time when attempting to capture an Offering. Talk about brutal!

    • Vindicator Blessing – This blessing focuses solely on improving your team, with your team not only experiencing a damage boost but also a speed boost when carrying an offering. Your team will also gain faster interaction time when stealing an Offering from the enemy’s shrine.

    • Oracle Blessing – Your team will be able to see where the entire enemy team is located both in-world and on the radar, along with the location of the enemy’s Offering carrier. This will give your team a recon advantage over the enemy.

    For Honor – which is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC – is already well into Season 3 with new Heroes and maps, and it looks like Ubisoft will continue adding more content as time goes on. No word yet on when Tribute Mode will be available, but it will be free with a future update.

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    PS4 Firmware Update 4.74 Launched, System Performance Changes

    Sony has released an unannounced PS4 update today as firmware 4.74. Users expecting to see new features may be sadly let down as this latest update simply affects back-end issues. Check out the main change firmware 4.74 brings:

    • This system software update improves system performance.

    Not very exciting, but these simple system updates do benefit PS4 owners in the end. Most gamers are waiting in anticipation for another huge update: the PS4 5.0 update.

    The PS4 5.0 update, which is in beta right now, is expected to bring about some big changes. Players will see many new features included with the PS4 5.0 update, such as the addition of a family system with accounts. Players will be able to create child accounts with customized security settings and link them to a parent account.

    Possibly the biggest change players are excited for is the ability to Twitch stream at 1080p and 60fps. Currently PS4 owners can only Twitch stream at 720p and 60fps. While this feature will be limited to PS4 Pro owners, this will still be a huge step forward for Sony.

    In the PS4 5.0 update, there seem to be additional benefits for all PS4 owners, including virtual surround sound capability for PSVR. We’ll just have to wait and see what other features are added to the PS4.

    Tell us what features you want to see in future firmware updates. If you’re already part of the 5.0 beta, let us know about your experience!

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    Warships Rising: A Brand New MMO Shooter for Mobiles

    Warship Rising is a brand new game by developer 6waves. Huge in size and scope, Warship Rising offers players the chance to compete in epic 10 v 10 real-time battles in huge and immersive arenas. It’s arguably the first game to bring the esports scene to the app market, allowing players to play competitively against each other.

    Putting Warship Rising into just one genre is difficult; it’s a third person shooter that bears similarities to MMO games in its immersive gameplay. The touch screen controls make it easier to play on the go than any other online shooter, though. The battles in Warship Rising are the biggest to ever take place on mobile phones, with up to 20 players at a time competing in this esports environment. It’s a type of game that’s never been seen before.

    Warship Rising

    Pick a country and battle it out with your team against the enemy lands. Quick, intuitive, and responsive touch controls meaning communicating across your large team is simple and effective. Ask for support and give or receive commands at the touch of a button, bringing glory to yours and your teammates’ country.

    Each warship is true to its World War 2 roots, with every one being designed meticulously to look like the real thing. The 3D visuals and visually striking graphics make this one of the best-looking apps around.

    Warship Rising is available for download across the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand in the Google Play Store. The game is also available in the Apple App Store for OBT in Canada and UK only. 6waves has confirmed that the game will be available for the US, Australia, and New Zealand upon official launch for iOS users.

    See the action-packed trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m67WQQbnKgQ

    Check out the Warship Rising Facebook Page here

    Download for iOS now

    Download for Android now

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    Elysian War: A Brand New Free-to-Play Game

    Elysian War (play now) is a new game from AMZGame, developer of the critically acclaimed League of Angels, Siegelord, and Lords Road. Like the developer’s previous titles, Elysian War is a free-to-play browser game that offers micro-transactions and in-depth gameplay. It’s a real time strategy game that revolves around different combat-types, buildings, and a unique battle system, all of which can be tactically used to defeat your opponent. It’s not always all-out war in Elysian War, though, as players also have the opportunity to team up their forces with those of family and friends, becoming a powerful force against your enemies. Here are just some of the many features of Elysian War’s gameplay.

    Pick your team of generals

    Elysian War
    Elysian War

    Players have a vast array of generals at their disposal to create a powerful team with.

    • Swords have a high attack and defence, and are best used for close combat. They can fight more than one opponent at the same time.
    • Archers have medium attack and defence, but their ranged abilities make them perfect for sniping.
    • Priests have a low attack and defence, but can also be used as range generals.
    • Cavalry generals have medium attack and high defence, and can attack multiple opponents in close combat.
    • Spearmen have medium defence but high attack, and can also attack multiple opponents in close combat.

    Importantly, Swordsman beat Spearman, Spearman beat Cavalry, Cavalry beat Swordsman, Archer and Priest beat each other. Generals can also be combined with deputies to create a more powerful force.

    Build your city up from the ground

    Elysian War
    Elysian War

    There’s a huge amount of variation in how players can create their city, with the following building types at their disposal.

    • The Base is the primary building, and generates in-game currency, Drachma, which can then be spent on more buildings. When upgraded, the base will also allow you to develop different buildings.
    • Barracks generates more troops for you to battle with, and the higher its level, the more troops it creates.
    • The Dwelling is where the troops are housed. The more the dwelling is upgrades, the higher the troop cap, meaning you can field more troops into battle.
    • Garden and Mines increase the player’s Drachma income, which can then be further spent on more buildings and key items.
    • The Cellar generates Ambrosia, a key item in levelling up the player’s generals.
    • The Garrison increases the amount of area a player can own, creating more space for other buildings and, ultimately, an increase in Drachma revenue.

    A unique Battleground and Battle System

    Elysian War Screenshot
    Elysian War Screenshot

    Elysian War is divided into the following ground-types:

    • Lawn
    • Moorland
    • Forest
    • Hill
    • Mountain
    • River

    This not only creates great variety in the game, but it also gives players the opportunity to take advantage of each area in different ways. For example, it’s impossible for forces to traverse through mountains and rivers, and fire cannot be used as a weapon in forests, moorlands, and hills. Players therefore have to tactically place troops and use specific moves depending on the environment.

    The Key Features of Elysian War

    • Player controlled manual or automatic battle options.
    • Build your city your way on your terms.
    • Random general card draw system ensures that each player has a unique experience.
    • 5 different general combat systems with special attack abilities.
    • No two battles will be fought the same way.
    • PvE and PvP battles and challenges to enjoy, also solo campaigns to change each player
    • Each general is unique and can be upgraded to unlock further enhancements.
    • Different battle fields give different challenges to test even the best war sim players
    • Private, guild, world and event chat modes so players can communicate and share the fun
    • Artifacts to unlock the true power of your generals
    • Use Lieutenants to empower your generals with more skills and abilities.

    For more information on Elysian War, or to play, check out the following sites:

    Game Provider Page: http://www.amzgame.com

    Official Game Page: http://ew.amzgame.com

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ElysianWar/

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    September PlayStation Plus Games Announced, Includes inFAMOUS: Second Son

    Sony has announced the latest batch of free games to be available in September to PlayStation Plus subscribers, and it includes a VR-required freebie.

    PlayStation 4 owners will yet again be offered two great picks in inFAMOUS: Second Son and Child of Light. The former is an action-adventure title developed by Sucker Punch, and though popular, we’re sure it flew by many a PlayStation owner when it was released three years ago. The latter is an RPG developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the minds behind Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed – though it’s fair to say it’s a very different game to its most popular titles. Both are stellar headliners for the September line-up.

    PlayStation VR owners finally have something to cheer about, as RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is also free to download this month. It’s likely that this will coincide with a PlayStation VR Headset price reduction, as well as cheaper bundles with the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move accessories – the former is required for the VR experience.

    PlayStation 3 players have a much weaker selection of games to download, including Truck Racer and Handball 2016, whereas the PlayStation Vita receives We Are Doomed and Hatoful Boyfriend, 2 games also playable on PlayStation 4.

    It’s worth pointing out, though, that the games on offer differ between North America and Europe, so here’s the full list for both:


    • inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4)
    • Child of Light (PlayStation 4)
    • RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (PlayStation VR)
    • Truck Racer (PlayStation 3)
    • Handball 2016 (PlayStation 3)
    • We Are Doomed (PlayStation Vita)
    • Hatoful Boyfriend (PlayStation Vita)

    North America:

    • inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4)
    • Strike Vector Ex (PlayStation 4)
    • RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (PlayStation VR)
    • Truck Racer (PlayStation 3)
    • Handball 2016 (PlayStation 3)
    • We Are Doomed (PlayStation Vita)
    • Hatoful Boyfriend (PlayStation Vita)

    What do you think of September’s free PlayStation Plus games? Are you still waiting for a certain freebie to come around? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Is Bethesda Developing a Game of Thrones Game?

    Rumours are circulating that one of Bethesda’s next titles will be Game of Thrones, after eagle eyed shoppers spotted a listing for the game on retailer Target’s website.

    A listing by the name of ‘Bethesda: Game of Thrones’ appeared overnight before quickly being taken down, causing fans of both the developer and the TV series to believe that the creators are moving from Skyrim to Westeros.

    It could be a genuine mistake; these sorts of things happen all the time with retailers, and nine times out of 10 end in nothing. It certainly seems crazy that the developers behind the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series’ would feel they had to latch onto the name of a television programme, particularly given how Skyrim is so similar to Game of Thrones. Both are fantasy stories, set in an alternate middle ages, with different factions fighting against each other.

    However, this isn’t the first time Game of Thrones and Bethesda have appeared together in the same sentence. It’s rumoured that before Bethesda developed Skyrim, it was offered the rights to create a game based on the TV show. Unaware of how popular the show would be, it declined, instead deciding on developing its own IP.

    Then there’s also the fact that Bethesda is currently developing two titles. One of those is thought to be an action sci-fi RPG named ‘Starfield’, sounding similar to Mass Effect, but no one knows what the other project is. Could it have been Game of Thrones all along?

    While it seems nonsensical for Bethesda to develop a game that would undoubtedly be so similar to its Elder Scrolls series in many ways, it begs the question: who else could take on such a project? Most recently, Telltale took on Game of Thrones, but was hampered by the limitations of the show’s storyline at the time, and so failed to hit the heights of its other adventure games, The Walking Dead and A Wolf Among Us. When you consider it, Bethesda would be the overriding favourites to develop a genuinely good Game of Thrones game.

    If a Bethesda take on Game of Thrones is happening, then fans will obviously have plenty of questions. Will it take place during the same time as the TV show, or act as a prequel or sequel? Will it be true to the books, or take place in a tangent storyline? How different or similar will it be to Bethesda’s much-loved fantasy series, The Elder Scrolls?

    So many questions but, for now, no answers.

    Would you love to see a Game of Thrones game developed by Bethesda? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    KFC is Releasing a BIZARRE VR Game

    Fast food chain KFC is releasing a VR game named The Hard Way: A KFC Virtual Training Escape Room for new employees.

    The game will be playable on Oculus Rift headsets, and will be used to teach new employees about the ways of cooking the chain’s signature dish, fried chicken.

    Colonel Sanders’ company announced the game as such: “The Hard Way – a KFC Virtual Training Escape Room is designed as an escape room where Colonel Sanders gives his trainees hints and clues along the way to make sure they are making fried chicken the Hard Way – the way he invented more than 70 years ago. After successfully completing the five main steps – inspecting, rinsing, breading, racking, and pressure frying – participants exit the kitchen with an understanding of what it takes to cook Original Recipe chicken like a professional.”

    However, unfortunately for budding chefs, the game won’t be available to the public. As of yet, it’s only a game playable by trainees. Eurogamer asked KFC for comment, to which they replied: “The technology will not be available for public consumption at this time. It’s not just a fun experience – we’re actually using the innovative technology to supplement our robust restaurant employee training program for cooks, called Chicken Mastery Certification, by bringing it to our regional general manager trainings, quarterly franchise meetings, and corporate onboarding at our headquarters. So yes, it is actually going to be played by new KFC trainees!”

    There’s no telling whether The Hard Way: A KFC Virtual Training Escape Room will ever be released to the masses, but by the looks of the trailer below, that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

    Does The Hard Way: A KFC Virtual Training Escape Room inspire you to work at KFC, or has it made you rethink that next bargain bucket? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    SNES Classic Edition Available for Pre-Order in US

    The SNES Classic Edition, a mini console of one of the most successful systems of all time, is now available to pre-order in the United States for $79.99.

    Pre-Orders Available Here (maybe):

    ️ http://amzn.to/2wjSybl

    Nintendo’s follow up to its incredibly successful NES Classic Edition, European ore-order for the SNES Classic Edition began several months ago, but ran out incredibly quickly. Most retailers did increase their stock weeks later, but the emulator proved to be even more popular than its predecessor – the hottest Christmas present last year.

    Though pre-orders are available now, it’s likely that most retailers will be sold out. Many have been complaining on Twitter that the consoles were put on sale much earlier than expected, 3 a.m in some cases, giving Nintendo fans little to no hope of purchasing one. Even when the retailers put began taking pre-orders at a normal time of the day, people were finding it more than difficult to get their hands on one. It’s important to note that, while many American stores did put them up at awkward times, it’s Nintendo’s decision to release so few consoles that’s caused the main issue.

    So what exactly would you be missing out on if you didn’t manage to pre-order a much sought after SNES Classic Edition? Well, it features 20 classic SNES games that you more than likely have played before such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario World, but others that may have passed you by: Earthbound and Secret of Mana two of the better inclusions. Nintendo has also included an extra game, though: the never before released Star Fox 2. This list of 21 is lower than the 30 games that came packed in to the NES Classic Edition, but the inclusion of an extra controller means you’ll be playing Super Mario Kart how it was made to be played.

    If it sounds like something you’d love to get your hands on, we wish you all the best.

    Do you still want to pre-order a SNES Classic Edition, or are you put off by the lack of stock? Let us know in the comments section below.

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